Chanel Dupe | Fashion

Guessing by the title you will know what this post is about. After doing a poll on Instagram (daniellesamanthawatson) it was a clear that you all wanted to see more dupes, let's face it not everyone has the budget to splurge on expensive things but still want to have affordable pieces that give you that luxe feel and speaking of luxe let's get into this amazing dupe. 

I have been obsessed and fascinated with Chanel as a brand for years, so much I even wrote a 2,000 word eassay at university on the classic Chanel tweed jacket, so when I was casually scrolling through Zara and came across this little beauty I just had to have, I added this to my Wishlist as Black Friday and Christmas/January sales were fast approaching, I took a chance to see if this would go in the sale and it did! (this is why I say it's better to take a risk then regret it later)

Now I nearly didn't get this bag, I had seen this bag had gone from £40.00 down to £19.99! Yes I was really risking this but I decided not to get it just yet and I waited a little longer, so much so this went down again to £15.99! So I quickly added to my basket and worst horror story ever. . . OUT OF STOCK! (that will teach me) I couldn't believe it, but I am a firm believer (Law of Attraction) that if I was meant to have this bag, I will have this bag. So after checking online for a few days I thought I would try one last time and there it was in stock, I don't think I have placed an order so quick. 

So here she is the perfect dupe of the pearl Chanel handbag, I know this isn't the exact same but I think it's a great alternative, I LOVE pearls and is a fraction of the cost! I feel this bag is one that is versatile from a casual day to day to dress your outfit up or for an evening dinner.


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