Oh My St.Tropez | Beauty

Well St. Tropez for me is the OG when it comes to fake tan and certainly one that I have been using for years, so it will come as no shock that when I noticed that they had brought out a bronzing water mousse and bronzing water face mist I was skeptical.

Can this really be non transferable, easy to apply without transferring onto your clothes, the short answer is yes! 

No more stained bed linen, towels or waiting forever dancing around the bedroom waiting for the product to dry. It's genius and is as simple as applying and go, no need to rinse off, just about your day as normal!

The bronzing mousse is light weight and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky after application, you will need to wait 4-8 hours for the natural tan to develop.

Fake tan does have a reputation for smelling like biscuits well this is a game changer, you will no longer be offending anyones nostrils with this tropical, coconut scent that reminds me of being on holiday, MAJOR WIN!

The amount of times I have applied fake tan to my face and it has not agreed with me, let me introduce the bronzing water face mist, made with 100% natural tanning agents. 
This little bottle can be used before or after make up, all you need to do spritz onto the face 5-6 times and that's it! no need to rub in or blend.

I love how hassle free both of these products are and is so easy to fit into your beauty routine, the packaging is beautiful and minimal, they smell amazing, easy to use and give you that perfect golden glow.

In the famous words of St.Tropez just apply and glow!


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