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I know I have been missing since March with blogging, a lot of exciting changes, new routines and adjusting. I do love blogging I love writing about fashion, beauty, make up I love it all, sometimes I just get out of sync I'm only human, but moving forward this is something I'm working on to get better at I promise! So stick with me.

It's been a while since I have done a favourites post so I thought what a better way to bring you up to speed and show what I have been loving recently.

Now if you following me on Instagram Danielle Samantha Watson you would of seen this everywhere. I'm obsessed anything tweed or that resembles Chanel Im all over it, it's a some what healthy obsession. I actually found out about this bag because of a lovely blogger Levi-Marie Crombie go and check her out she is the sweetest and down to earth girl, we have many in depth chats about bags, I love it! 
Its from Zara and is so versatile you can wear as a crossbody, clutch, use both chains on on shoulder or for a longer length just use one chain, the chains themselves are metal which I love and not made of plastic, giving the bad a more expensive feel to it and for £29.99 you can't go wrong!

You can find the link to the Fabric Crossbody Clutch

I'm a sucker for anything pink as well as tweed so this charger is an amazing length and looks pretty, Im for ever looking for spare USB wires, I now have one in my room, one in my car and one at my computer, just to be safe, I got this from Maplin that are no longer on the high-street but I know you can pick these up at any Argos, Amazon or Ebay.

Its official I'm a book worm as of last year and I'm proud, Ive been loving self help and motivating books, so even though Ive been quiet I've been doing homework on how to make my blog a million pound success, if others can do why can't I. 
I want to do it in the right way and if that means it take's longer then planned so be it, you can't rush perfection. 
Overall I'm loving reading I find these types of books uplifting and an amazing way to think outside the box and well tear it up. 
Click the links below  to get your copy. (If you couldn't tell I love a coffee and a book haha)
Since writing this post I have bought another book but more will come in a later post.

I love make up, especially when I find good staples, the classic Estee Lauder double wear foundation in Ecru and concealer in light warm, but when I was playing around and added the IT cosmetic CC+ cream it gave my skin an amazing glow with a bit more coverage BONUS! 
If I'm not needing a high coverage for my bags under my eyes, I've been using the Maybelline age rewind concealer in shade light as an alternative, it has a slight yellow undertone which really brightens the under eye.

Im obsessed with anything in the nude shade spectrum that goes for nude and pink lipsticks too, so Tom Ford has been at the fore front in shade 12 Nude Vanilla, my lips lined with Maybelline sweet pink and a touch of gloss by L'oreal giving an illusion of fuller lips (top tip) called girl on top, (I love it when bands names their products, makes it more fun). 

Skincare is an essential and if I ever had to pick between make up and skincare, I would pick skincare, because if you look after your skin you won't have to wear as much make up just a hint of colour on the cheeks touch of lipstick and your done. 
I've invested in a few more face masks recently and Garnier have produced an amazing line to help aid with any skin care needs my skin just drinks these up and in the morning my skin is brighter and more plump, my make up always seems to go on better which is a good life hack, face mask the night before.
Serums are another product I've added Vichy have got this beautiful
product Mineral 89 with hyaluronic acid in it, it's Gel like texture goes on smoothly with the skin soaking this up instantly leaving my skin smooth and hydrated.
Last but not least is the Avene Hydrance rich cream that has become a firm staple in my beauty routine now, I wrote a whole blog post on this click the link below to read more.


  1. I love this post! Thanks so much for mentioning me that bag suits you so much!! I need that Tom Ford lipstick I haven’t actually tried anything from the brand before and I feel like I’m missing out! I also need to try that face mask seen them everywhere and they look so good xx


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