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Over the past couple of years my confidence has grown to read more and more, a habit that I have welcomed happily as being dyslexic, reading was something I used to struggle with, words jumping, reading the same line twice which meant reading a book would take longer then normal, but for me I now like getting lost within a book, using my imagination, I find it so calming especially before bed to wind down after a busy day or to simply have some me time.

So here are. couple of books that I have bought recently and some that I have had a while that have impacted my thought process completely.

Ive had 3 certain books sitting in my amazon basket for a while after staring at them, reading reviews I decided to place my order. 4 days later I received my little amazon package, I have to say I received  amazing  customer service from Amazon, I even like the feature that if I wasn't in I could leave it with my neighbours. The packaging was amazing and so happy with my overall experience, so I look forward to placing my next order with Amazon.

it will come as no shock that I'm obsessed with Chanel and her story, oh the fact that I know that I will own a medium Chanel classic flap bag, in caviar leather with silver hardware. . . its a classic and will never go out of fashion, hence the reason why I LOVE it so much plus it will be an amazing investment.
Anyway back to the book its beautifully illustrated by Megan Hess my favourite illustrator who has a beautiful talent! I love how the book goes through Chanel's story and the journey of the brand over the years. This I think also makes a beautiful gift for any fashion and Chanel lovers out there and would go perfectly on a coffee table.

Book number two How to be an overnight success by Maria Hatzistefanis I first noticed on Lydia Elise Millen Youtube Im all for self help, motivating books and positive thinking. I love reading other people's journey's because it shows you are not alone and that you can learn a lot from experiences that others have had. Maria is the founder and CEO of the Award winning brand Rodial what a girl boss! So far Im loving this book, understanding how the brand started, Maria's Journey is so inspiring, the highs and the lows. Its a book for anyone that is looking to start a business and that sometimes being an overnight success actually can take years of hard work, passion and belief in yourself, no matter what your circumstances are, so early on in this book I found myself relating to Maria's story. I haven't finished this book just yet but keep an eye out on my instagram Daniellesamanthawatson for updates, Oh and the fact Maria commented on my instagram made me squeal with excitement and happiness, what a BABE!

The third and final book I bought from amazon was one that really intrigued me, having a blog myself which I actually love doing, because talking about fashion, make up, skincare and lifestyle is something I feel so passionate about, I hope that my blog helps inspire others or motivate them or help get an escape or help if they are thinking about getting a new product that they are unsure about. Back to the book Million dollar blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith the title itself caught my eye, this is a book that helps you start a blog, build a blog into a business, how to develop your own brand, a real thought provoking book that I feel Im going to learn a lot from personally, a book that I believe if you are looking start a blog weather it's about fashion, planes, menswear, gadgets or even food this will help guide you and teach you a lot. Throughout this book it also gives stories, experience and advice of successful bloggers which is really in motivating! So watch this space! 

Three other books that I am obsessed with is by the amazing Rhonda Byrne called The SecretThe power and The Magic all books I have read back to back and books that I can say have honestly changed the way I think and have changed my look on everything in life. You can find out more about one of these books the secret here on a post that I wrote a couple of months ago.

So it's official Im now a book worm and proud! I can't believe that I actually have 3 no 4 books that Im reading at the moment I tried to aim for just one at a time but couldn't control myself. I love learning and a firm believer that there is always room to learn no matter what age you are. I hope that these books inspire you as much as what they have for me! 


  1. Loved reading all about the books you love and it’s nice to see when your photos are recognised like that. The secret is a great book too. May check out the million dollar blog. Thanks chick xx


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