Winter Warmers

Its officially Christmas season and with that brings lots of mulled wine, mince pies and cold nights. This got me thinking about some of the things that I personally love to keep me warm throughout the colder months, sometimes you just can't beat the simple things in life.

Now a nice shower gel may sound really basic but it's the first thing that we all do in the morning so I love to use Sanctuary Spa body wash and 12 hour shower cream they both smell amazing and leave my skin feeling really soft, this body wash also contains essential oils and jojoba beads that burst giving you that signature scent, for me this is the perfect way to start the day. 

We all make sure to wrap up with a hat, scarf and warm coat but most of us forget our hands, for me I tend to have dry cuticles something my beautician always tells me off for not looking after. So now I always make sure I have a hand cream in my handbag for on the go. 
So it will come as no surprise that Sanctuary spa has produced the goods once again, a creamy texture of shea and sweet almond oil these combined smell amazing, some hand creams can leave your hands feeling slippery or greasy this hand cream doesn't have this at all, my hands soak this up like its going out of fashion, this also comes in a 75ml and a 30ml so one for the hand bag and one for the bedside table right? haha. 
You can find any of these products at your local Boots store and really make a perfect gift for Christmas too!

When you are from England it's safe to say its cold 80% of the time, so I invested a hot water bottle really does come in handy, no I'm not 80 years old but this little bottle is amazing. Its perfect for this time of the year for when you are curled up on the sofa watching a movie, or what I like to do 20 minutes before I go to sleep I put it at the end of the bed, so when time to get some much needed beauty sleep my toes really are nice and warm.

Now I couldn't do this post without involving a candle somewhere, candles are just amazing. There is loads of choices and I'm a firm believer that there is a candle scent for everyone and can range from the very high end luxury to the high-street and thats exactly where I got this candle from. Poundland can be good for getting the everyday basics but when I noticed this little gem I just had to have one, its called mulled wine and literally smells like Christmas, its sweet but warm spice from the cinnamon and fills the room for hours.


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