Las Vegas Part 2

Right are you ready for Vegas part 2?!

After the initial shock and my heart went back to beating normal after jumping out of the plane, it was time to soak up all that Vegas had to offer, walking around the different themed hotels that just blow your mind away to the Belligio fountains, shopping which included Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Fendi and Sephora, to sipping a pina colada slushie sitting around the pool in our amazing hotel Caesers palace soaking up the sunshine, I was in my element.

On one of the evenings we went to the top of the Stratosphere for dinner and an evening show. Now when I say the views were amazing they were AMAZING! A restaurant called Top of the world, a very fitting name for a restaurant that is 800 feet off the ground, this restaurant is like no other, it rotates 360 degrees every 80 minutes. I would highly recommend this even if you just go to the observation deck the views are breathe taking, as for the food the skirt steak I had was so delicious. 

Next up on this amazing trip we ventured out all the way to the grand canyon, but decided to go big or go home so we got picked up by a limousine from our hotel and dropped off to the airport to catch a helicopter past the hoover dam and land in the middle of the Grand Canyon, we had a moment to take in the amazing views but it doesn't stop there, oh no then there was champagne lunch! Oh wait it doesn't stop there neither, on the way back to the airport we diverted and flew across the Las Vegas Strip, seeing it from the air was beautiful! Limousines, helicopters, champagne lunch incredible views, Las Vegas from the sky,  I can honestly say I was living life. I have never been in a helicopter before, for my first experience it is one I can get used to, it wasn't claustrophobic as I thought it would be, but being sat in the front of the helicopter we Really did have the best seats!

With my feet firmly back on the ground its safe to say you can never go to Vegas and not go to Freemont street, now my eyes wasn't ready for what they saw, lets just say I see a man in a red mankini that called himself cupid and a lot of other things that I shall leave you to find out, it's safe to say I laughed and see more then what I bargained for! It was amazing to see the LED roof with an amazing light show and to see what the classic old Las Vegas used to be. This is a great place to socialise, have food and dance as there is amazing bands playing throughout, the alcoholic slushies were addictive! 

Being in Vegas there had been quite a few things I have ticked off the bucket list, but 2 more that I wanted to experience, one was In N Out which I can honestly say is worth all the hype that I had seen across social media, the strawberry milkshake was out of this world!  
Once I have polished of the burger, chips and milkshake (I was in holiday mode, technically calories don't count Ha!) it was now for the last thing food item to tick of the list and that was a Sprinkles cupcakes, I didn't know where to look first but then I laid eyes on the cupcake that I would fall in love with SALTED CARAMEL! Salted caramel on its own is my weakness but now in a cupcake HEAVEN! Another recommendation and worth the hype, you must try it!

Last but not least was a night out in the club at our hotel called Omnia (you know just casual, walk from your hotel room into a night club), the other half only went and booked VIP for Calvin Harris! WTF! luckiest girl in the world! This club was insane I can honestly say it's the best club I have ever ever been to, from jumping the queue going straight up to the bar, it was incredible, the rooftop terrace overlooking the Las Vegas strip all lit up and seeing the Belligio fountains going of in the background while sipping on coconut Ciroc and lemonade #living life. As for Calvin Harris he was unreal! What a place to see a worldwide known DJ who produces amazing music. As for the hangover, it was a rough one, but life is for living right, (that pizza really went down a treat!)

This holiday was so special and one that I will remember forever, being able to celebrate his birthday and share those special moments and ticking a lot of things off the bucket list, really made this holiday a trip of a lifetime, a holiday that I will truly treasure.
I really felt like I had lived on this holiday and has opened up my eyes in many ways, I am so thankful and grateful for this amazing holiday. I can say is that I'm excited to see where our travels take us to next! Im so happy that I can share this with you, if you are thinking of booking a holiday to Las Vegas just do it, you won't regret it!
I hope you have enjoyed reading these past 2 posts as much as I have writing them and re living those amazing experiences.


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