October Favourites

What an amazing month it has been I literally can't believe it, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
Going away to vegas, having a trip of a lifetime has definitely been a major highlight and favourite this month. 
Naturally I have a few beauty products that I have been non stop using, but don't worry the Vegas post's are coming, as you read on you will find out why there has been a slight delay. 

First up is a product that has been sitting in the back of my draw and it wasn't until I ran out of my Windle and Moodie invisible day and night cream that I actually started to use this. It's a hair oil that you can use on wet freshly washed hair or on dry hair, I use 2-3 drops to do my mid lengths to ends and boy does my hair drink this up, not to mention that it smells amazing! It makes my hair so shiny and isn't greasy at all, especially with the colder weather in full swing my ends are feeling soft and nourished. 
You can buy this at your local Marks & Spencer, click the link below, you won't regret it!

This tube is a very new addition to my make up collection and one I highly highly recommend, why you ask? Well I'm not going to go to much into detail as there will be a mini Sephora haul coming up, but when its called your skin but better well I'm Obsessed! Keep your eyes peeled!

This is an absolute must in my make up draw, in my hand bag and by my bedside. Autumn is stunning but not the chapped lips that come with the cold weather. I use this to keep my lips ultra soft and really hydrated, as I naturally suffer with dry lips this is an essential I've not stopped using this last month.

Last but not least are my little life savers in a tube. 
I just pop 1 tablet into a glass of water wait until it has stopped fizzing and drink, I love the orange flavour which I find refreshing and just after a week of taking these I have seen a major difference in my energy levels. As soon as I came back from Vegas I had a typical cold from traveling, that then turned into sinusitis not so fun when you have a full time job and having the Vegas blues, but after antibiotics and a weekend of sleeping and I'm back wahoo! 
This is why the vegas post's have been delayed, that and the ridiculous amount of photos I have been sifting through, but I'm working my socks off to get the first instalment up for you next Sunday! 


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