It's All About That Base!

I know I missed last weeks post but there has been some exciting changes in my life so I'm adjusting to a new routine and the fact I'm so excited about a certain something, it's only 6 days away so make sure you are following me on my Instagram daniellesamanthawatson keep your eyes peeled!

This post is about foundations that I have been reaching for over the past few months with no hesitation, mixing them myself to create my own bespoke foundation for my skin type.
Having combination skin and being extra shiny around my t-zone, for me there is a fine line between having that Jlo glow and looking like I have just stepped out of the gym it's about balance.
Now these particular products have now become absolute staples in my make up draws, I can mix and match them or use them individually depending on the season, especially now the colder months are on the way.

Estee Lauder Doublewear + Dior Forever = long staying power, while having a light dewy glow.

Loreal infalible + Bourjouis 123 Perfect CC Cream = The high street version, having the same effect.

Instead of having two high end products you can balance this out with using a high street products to get the same effect as two high end products :

Estee Lauder Doublewear + Bourjouis 123 Perfect CC Cream = high end and high street.

Dior Forever + Loreal Infalible 24 Hour Matte = high end and high street.

Estee Lauder double wear DUPE Loreal Infallible 24 hour matte. 

Dior Forever DUPE Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream.

First up is Estee Lauder double wear mixed with Dior Forever now you may be thinking why an earth would you mix these types of foundations well . . . because they work AMAZING together, the long wear of double wear paired with the dewiness of forever for me creates an amazing base for my skin type. Now you don't need a lot neither, as a little goes along way with both of these foundations, I would recommend 1 pump of Dior forever and a 2p sized amount for Estee Lauder double wear, I mix on the back of my hand and apply with a brush and always blend down the neck to finish, I always powder in the areas I need the most.

Next is the high street version which is Loreal Infalliable a long lasting foundation that is matte, I personally mix a liquid highlighter if I was to wear this on its own to give more of a glow but still wanting the staying power, this is also the dupe for Estee lauder double wear. When mixed with Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream it is the perfect balance as the CC cream gives you that glow from within look but having the staying power of the Infalliable foundation, again I always powder in the areas I need most and to set my base make up in place.

The coverage on when you mix these products is medium coverage but you can build to a high coverage depending on your personal preference, when you use the products individually they have different coverage for example Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream, evens out my skin tone while giving me a fresh look but you can still see my own skin, and Dior forever has more coverage and thickness to it giving a higher result.

Overall I would say that I have found key staples within my make up routine that is versatile, products that are long lasting and amazing quality with many ways to wear them. 
I hope this has helped you because when your base of your make up looks flawless the rest of your make up will follow perfectly.


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