Getting Straight With Remington

Cheesy title but I thought it was clever . . . straighteners, getting straight, straighteners make our hair straight . . . ha! Moving swiftly on.

I have been debating to write about these straighteners for a while. I bought them back in April just in time for my birthday, my previous beloved Remington straighteners that I have had since college gave up on me, I have to say credit where it is due thats 9 years and I think I only spent £30 on them, best money ever spent.

Now on a hunt for a brand new set of straighteners before my hair became a wild mane, I had contemplated buying ghd's but kept questioning myself if I was buying into the "brand name" or if I actually wanted them because of the pretty colours they come in and because everyone has them, but say they burn the hair, wrong way to think I know.

After much review reading, goggling and seeing what was on the market but wouldn't break the bank nor burn or singe my hair to a crisp, seeing as it has taken me at least 2 years to get in back to a healthy condition from neglect and a very patient hairdresser who knows his S***, I want to invest well, I love my hair too much!

Off I went to Boots (got to have those points now) after reading amazing reviews, I bought the Remington Shine Therapy infused with moroccan oil straighteners S8500 for £40 now they were £80 and so happened to be that they was on offer when I went in store BINGO!

Let's get to the nitty gritty . . .

The packaging itself is really sleek, I love the white base with black writing and the turquoise ceramic plates, it has a digital temperature display, it also comes with its own heat proof pouch, perfect for traveling with.

I love all the functions of the straighteners which include: 

- 9 different heat settings (I like to control the heat I want) 
- floating plates for even pressure
- Auto shut off after 60 minutes 
- Swivel cord 
- 5 year manufacture guarantee

There is a massive BUT! Hence the reason why I have given it 3 months to give them a fair test. 
I'm just not sure I don't hate them, but don't love them. I feel like the moroccan oil plates make my hair greaser, because I'm using the straighteners from root to tip, as hair tends to get greasy from the root first, however my hair is soft, has a nice shine and my hair isn't singed at the ends, which is what I wanted from the start.

I still have the straighteners and would recommend them still as they are a good quality product, I would just give warning to those who get greasy hair quickly and more easily then others. On a different note, the straighteners may come in handy in the colder winter months, in keeping hair nourished, minimising the split ends.
Being totally honest I am still thinking about the GHD's, it's almost as if I need to get it out of my system, I just hope it's worth the investment, stay tuned.


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