May Favourites

I hope you have had an amazing week and even better weekend, I've been loving this beautiful weather, so lets get down to what else I've been loving this past month.

First up is this Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanner, this has been perfect for getting that gradual sunkissed look without the hassle of turning my bed linen a different colour. It smells amazing and not only gives you a sun kissed look but keeps my skin nice and soft, I really do highly recommend this.
(I dropped the pump and thats why it looks bit . . . special ha)

Next up is no stranger to this blog as I have done a full blog post on how amazing this book is. 
The Secret is a book that can completely change your life if you simply change your thinking process, there really is no limit to what you can achieve, I've read this book over and over and find it so inspirational, I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone! 
I really love this book!

My absolute favourite make up this month, Is that I've been wanting a light coverage but something that would wear nicely throughout the day, as the weather has become more warmer, so I ended up mixing these to together and creating my own foundation Ta Dah! 
I still have to powder in my t-zone but thats normal for my skin type.

Now you can probably tell that there is only a little bit left in this bottle and that is because I have not stopped wearing this Perfume by Juicy Couture called Malibu Surf.
The perfect summer coconut scent, even down to the packaging a piercing turquoise colour, this scent really does remind me of summer, I may just need to re purchase. 

Last but not least is a little bit of Ted Baker. 
This is because Ive been loving everything about this brand, from the concept, rose gold zips, the quality, attention to details, beautiful prints it just shouts luxury.
I love the structure, tailoring with the delicate touch of femininity. 
This particular purchase you will have to wait and see as it's for a special occasion, so stay tuned! 


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