Champagne afternoon tea at Harrods

Let's talk champagne, mixed with a little afternoon tea all wrapped up with getting lost in the beautiful place that is called Harrods, this is what I call the perfect relaxed afternoon, so I thought I would share it  with you all.

If you have never visited Harrods it is a luxury department store that has everything you could think of from beauty, womens and menswear, footwear, homeware, restaurants, fine jewellery, food as well as in store services like a wellness clinic and bespoke tailors, just to name a few things, in other words you name it Harrods probably has it, which can always come in handy.

From the minute you are outside harrods you can see the signature green harrods banners over the shop windows decorated with all of the latest trends, new releases practically all things a girl could wish was hanging up in her wardrobe, the doorman dressed in a top hat opens the door, as you walk through the doors, into what I call a maze of luxury heaven.

Walking through the long marble corridors with my eyes not knowing where to look first from Dior, Valentino and Chanel, I literally felt like was in a bubble that I didn't want it to pop. I have such an appreciation for these high end couture pieces of art, the craftsmanship, attention to detail and I'm not even ashamed to say there is certainly no limit for my goals to own a couple of these pieces one day, but I'm not afraid of hard work neither.

There was another reason why I went to Harrods, not just for the afternoon tea, but for a certain product that Harrods exclusively had, the Marc Jacobs coconut bronzer, (you can find out why it had me going coconuts in my previous blog post, make sure you check it out!) One thing I really do like about this luxury department store is that it has exclusivity with products, for me this ticks the boxes, being able to get my hands on a product that not many people have make's the product more appealing to me, I love anything that is exclusive or limited edition.

So with my new bronzer in hand I wondered back through the marble corridors, and yes I really did get lost. after asking for directions and a map of harrods later I arrived at the stunning Georgian room to meet with a friend that was long overdue for a girly catch up.

It started with a glass of champagne followed by a pot specialty tea, served in a beautiful silver teapot, a selection of delicious sandwiches, freshly made quiche, with more chitter chatter and more tea, the smell of warm scones placed on our table was amazing, accompanied by clotted cream and a selection of fillings which included traditional strawberry jam, rose jam, which was my personal favourite and lemon curd.

Keeping in mind the delicious food we had already eaten, our eyes were bigger than our tummy's and decided to take the beautiful decadent desserts home to devour for when we got home.

Harrods will always be a place I love to go back to for a number of reasons, meeting friends for a catch up, to get lost among the beautiful clothes shoes & handbags, even just for grabbing a coffee and just doing a little bit of window shopping.
If you are ever in London near knightsbridge have a little look and see for yourself, I know you won't be disappointed.


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