The Little Pot Of Heaven!

Now you may be thinking what an earth am I going on about and what is this little pot of heaven? 

I really want to in invest in my skin, now I'm not saying I have a face full of wrinkles, but I have noticed around my eye area, I like to think of those lines are laughter lines but just as a precaution, I went in search of an eye cream. 

You will all understand when you go to a counter and the sales person, explains all this stuff to you and then says thats £100 please. . . WHAT?!

On my search I stopped off at Kiehl's, this is a brand I've heard a lot about and the lady on the counter was very patient and full of knowledge, as I'm now allergic to something that is in most products (a post is coming to go more in detail).

The lady went into detail about what is in Kiehl's products, for example you won't find mineral oil in them as it's a product that really doesn't have any purpose, so to explain in my way it's like having an alcoholic drink but without the mixer, So you get drunk quicker, to relate that to skincare Kiehl's only has ingredients that serve a purpose with no added mixer. 

I then tested some of Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream into my hand and it went straight into my skin and felt amazing!

I use this day and night and I have seen such a difference around my eyes, my lines are literally gone and my dark circles are nearly gone too! 

As I had great service and had the product explained to me It really helped, I even learned something, they say power is knowledge!

You can find out more at the Kiehls website.

This is £33 but well worth every single penny! Trust me you will thank me for it later.


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