Manolo Blahnik Dupe!

Well by the title I'm sure that you can guess what today's post will be all about . . . Shoes! 
Now you can never go wrong with a pair of shoes or handbags, because they always fit and make me feel good, dress up an outfit or add the perfect finishing touch, unlike clothes at times we have all been there having a fat day and all we want to do is wear leggings and a baggy jumper. . . I'm glad we are all on the same page.

Right let's talk heels this particular brand Manolo Blahnik is iconic in my eyes and I have always wanted to own a pair myself, ever since watching Sex and the City lusting over Carrie Bradshaw's little blue satin Manolo's sitting on the shoe rack in her walk in wardrobe . . . more lusting! 

They are shoes that have timeless, class, sophistication written all over them, I totally see why girls can own more then one pair. 
They come in lots of different styles, colours and details on them and the pair I will be comparing is called the Hangisi Pumps. 

They are oh so pretty aren't they, I could stare at them all day, now for a little comparison.

£745 compared to £45 for the dupe. 

Hangisi has a 9cm heel compared to the 10.5cm dupe. 

As for the colour they both are a beautiful nude shade, but they dupe having a little bit more of a pink  tone to them.

So where are these heels that are a dupe?
 well I've made you wait long enough for it! 

Ta Dah! 

They are so pretty and you can now see that they are actually from River Island! 

They have a beautiful detailed jewel on the top of the toe, similar to the Hangisi.

You can really team a pair of shoes like this with a pair of jeans and a nice blouse for something more casual or team them with a dress for more of an evening look. 

I have to give to River Island they have produced a good quality heel, that looks luxury and feels so comfortable to wear and without breaking the bank, saving myself a whooping £700! 

I know I don't have the Monolo Blahnik to exactly compare to, but if you do wear a shoe like this a lot, then I do believe it is worth investing in a pair of high end shoes as long as you know they are a essential in your wardrobe. 


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