Let's Get Our Tan On!

I'm a born and bred Essex girl so naturally there is nothing I love more than is to have a golden sun kissed tan, it's in my veins and plus there is nothing wrong with a healthy glow. 
Everyone has good glowing days and like me I have my days where I may of got a bit to happy with fake tan but I'm only human.

So now it's officially spring and it's getting warmer, lets bring out the fake tan!

Over the last couple of years Ive been using Bondi Sands and been obsessed with it, so naturally I experiemnted with their range of products, so I thought I would share with you.

First up is the Liquid gold a dry oil (see above picture) that develops over 3 hours and no need to wash off, perfect! It also smells like coconuts and holiday!
It's convenient especially for me personally having a full time job, blogging twice a week and taking part on on tv show too, I will take this little bottle of liquid any day of the week! This I give a 10/10.

Second on my list of happiness in a bottle is the Everyday Tan, a gradual building tanning lotion that hydrates and is full of things your skin will love like, aloe vera and vitamin E. 

This is more of a tanner I tend to use if my skin is feeling dry and lacking something. 
This I give a 8/10 as it doesn't top the liquid gold! 

Last but not least is the newest bottle to my fake tan stash I would say, when used properly the colour is beautiful and golden, this is not for the light hearted tanners haha! I love the light weight foam texture and that signature coconut smell (perfect!) I would give this a 9/10 as you need to use with caution! 

Overall Im obsessed with Bondi Sands, their products are amazing and great quality, which is what I feel you need in a fake tan, just some key points in general though . . . 

Point One - ALWAYS EXFOLIATE! unless you are going for the orange look.

Point Two - Shave at least 24 hours before tanning, no one wants a hairy tanned look, not good! 

Point Three - Moisturise your elbows, knees and feet otherwise the tan will cling to the dry spots.

Top Tip - Bend your fingers into a claw shape to get in between your fingers, to tan your hands evenly.

Happy Tanning! 


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