New Changes To Danielle Samantha Watson

Right Ive been a bit M.I.A and there is a very good reason for it!

In between having a full time job, my private life, some what social life (haha) and I'm blogging, editing photos, putting content together, I absolutely love doing it and I hope you lovely readers do too! 

Recently though I have struggled and I'm not afraid to say that I'm only human, as I want to be able to put good quality content, photos and information up that readers will enjoy, hence the reason why I haven't been posting, because I just didn't want to put just anything up or put posts up that weren't good enough quality, so I simply just didn't blog. 

So after going back to the drawing board and looking at the bigger picture, to benefit my lovely readers I will be now blogging once a week and posting every Wednesday. 

This way I can really produce good quality posts that are informative and fun at the same time, but there may be additional posts along the way!

I'm so passionate about fashion and beauty, so I want to share my experience with products and give my honest view to influence and inspire fashion and beauty lovers alike.


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