The mascara I'm Wearing 9 Years Later!

Now you may of seen in previous posts this mascara pop up on more then one occasion and there is a very good reason for it.

Since day one of wearing make up, way back in secondary school I have used this mascara, so that means from the age of 16, that means for 9 years later I'm still wearing this mascara!

So why have I only used this mascara? well for a number of different reasons, it's good quality, it was the first mascara I had ever used and loved, there is no fall out which means you don't have panda eyes, it is long lasting & makes my lashes look fuller, the actual product does eventually dry out like any mascara but it takes a while to actually dry out, but doesn't feel too wet when applying.
It has an actual bristle brush applicator, not one of those plastic fantastic wands which I feel are lethal to my eyeballs. It lengthens my lashes, it also comes in a waterproof version which is an added bonus and to top it off this mascara is only ....... £1.99!!!!!

On one occasion I was looking for another mascara and sales assistant asked if she could help, so I explained I had been using this mascara for years and wanted to experiment, with that she made a very good point, why are you trying to fix something that isn't broken.
Now you may think this is a bad sales assistant but in actual fact I have more respect and more trust in an assistant like this.
This lady spoke a lot of sense, why was I looking to better a product that in my eyes that is perfect?

I have tried other mascaras but I always came back to this one, yeah its nice to experiment but spending £20 on a mascara that has fall out and doesn't tick my boxes, I really can't see the point.

I personally can't see anything knocking this mascara of it's 9 year podium, I would like to see another mascara brand try though.


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