Maybe it's Maybelline

In every girl's make up and beauty collection she owns at least one nail varnish, in other cases hundreds, but each to their own right!

Now me personally I own less than 100 but have a respectful collection ( a girl has to have options), but one particular brand I keep going back to is not a high end brand but high street! 

I bought my first Maybelline varnish about a year ago and became slightly obsessed, from it's brush applicator, which makes life easier painting that one hand that always looks like you was doing it with your eyes closed (we have all done it), to the variety of colours, quirky name, modern packaging and it really does last for 7 days.
You can literally do one stroke onto the nail and your done, but me being me I like to do two and then a top coat, but the pigment is amazing not watery at all.
To top it off you only pay £4.49 a bottle!  
So here are my current Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Varnish. 

Flesh tone is a personal Favourite, the perfect nude that you can wear all year round.

Blood Orange is perfect for summer, very bright and goes perfect with a tan.

Pink in the Park is the ultimate girly girl Pink, if anyone needs a colour in the nail varnish department, its this one!

Divine Wine, I like to wear in the Autumn/Winter months as its a deep red with a hint of berry in the pigment.

Nude Rose is another classic nude colour, because having one nude is never enough for me.

My nail varnish collection wouldn't be complete without a bright barbie pink, because I just love pink and it's fun! Bubble Gum has little specs of glitter in it but is very subtle.


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