Did Someone Say Spring?!

Have you looked outside lately? 
It has been so beautiful and guess what, it's officially SPRING! 

So I thought I would share with you my top things I love about spring!

First up the longer days
We can kiss goodbye to the dull, dark short winter days and hello longer, warmer days and you can really make the most of the day and get S*** done! 

Warmer Months Ahead
Pack those cable knit jumpers away, ugg boots say goodbye to and say hello to sassy sandals, cute summer dresses and big sunglasses!
Being able to show a little flesh and soak up the vitamin D and feel the warmth on the skin, what more could a girl want? Don't even get me started on the fake tan WOOP WOOP!
I know I shouldn't get to excited as the great British weather can be so unpredictable, maybe keep one jumper back just in case.

Fresh Flowers & Freshly Cut Grass
In my eyes there is nothing better then fresh flowers, all different colours to brighten a room up or to be given as a gift to a friend, I'm a girly girl, flowers are always a good idea (preferably peonies, roses, if you are wondering of what to get me haha)

Easter = chocolate! 
Two words . . . Lindt bunnies! 
Do I need say anymore? these little gold bunnies pop up everywhere and taste so good and it's a perfect way to celebrate easter too! Just the mini ones though they are cute! I try not to eat to many though, moment on the lips lifetime on the hips kind of thing.

Positive vibes only
There is nothing like a new season when you can start fresh and turn a new leaf, I like having a spring in my step & feel like I can conquer the world and feel positive. 
Now is the perfect time to do something positive and do something you have always wanted to do, even if it is something small like reading the book you have had your eye on or do that extra mile when you work out make the most out of the outdoors! 


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