Whats In My Handbag

Everyone knows a woman's handbag can hold everything in it but the kitchen sink and the bigger the bag the more stuff you put in it, some things are very practical others not so, but here is whats in my handbag, thankfully there is no kitchen sink in mine haha!

First up is keys need those for obvious reasons, perfume by Zara called Apple Juice nothing like having a quick spritz after I've had lunch, another perfume is my Jo Malone Wood Sage & sea salt  mini because having one perfume just isn't enough, a nail file because a woman handbag is never complete without one, a lip liner by Maybeline just in case I need to top up throughout the day and lastly my Chanel blotting appears which really come in hand when I'm on the go.

Now I would be lost without my diary this rose gold one is from Whsmith it's slightly bigger then what I normally go for but it's just the perfect size for my handbag, yes please do not judge thats another lip liner by Max factor its so buttery I also like to have options depending what mood I'm in, my personalised black card holder is from L.R.M Goods click here to find out more and their products are amzaing. 

My Hourglass Ambient lighting palette is so handy in my bag you have a setting powder, blusher, bronzer it's such a good product to have in my handbag and very multi purpose, a pair of leather gloves as in England it's so cold and have more layers on then I can count, another handbag essential is hand cream this mini size one from Soap and Glory is perfect and smells amazing, then a hair clip I love these mini ones as they are perfect for my short hair. 

I am a typical British person and carry tea bags in my handbag this twinning salted caramel green tea is perfect for an afternoon pick me up and really does smell like salted caramel, 
my trusty soap and glory Love and O beige lipstick, the fact I've nearly used up all the product reminds me I need to re purchase ASAP! 
Another essential for me is hand sanitiser especially when I'm traveling around London it's nice to have a quick pump and hands to feel clean, 
my bag is never ever ever without these Mentos mints, there is no need for smelly breathe it's polite to have fresh breathe. 
Surprise, surprise another 2 lip products by Kiko and you would of seen these in a recent post click here to read a more detailed post about these amazing products. 
Last but not least my trusty Real Techniques brush that I use for powdering my T-Zone.


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