The Sassy bloggers I Find Influential

If you want to know 2 girls you should be following it's Lydia Elise Millen and Ian Chouquette.

As a newbie to blogging It's only natural that I am inspired and motivated by other bloggers who have a few more years on me in the digital world and there is nothing like being able to relate to someone. 

Now I'm also a firm believer in building other ups and being kind to one another as we all know social media in this day and age can be brutal, SO BE NICE! 

These particular girls I think are Kick A**, they are sassy, classy, funny, down to earth, beautiful their  content is stunning, moving and inspiring, from fashion to beauty and Chanel and Dior (I'm dreaming of my Chanel and Diorama #goals!) but they both remain humble, neither are poser's but genuine and to me being brought up old school is hard to find these days!

It just goes to show you, you can do anything when you put your mind to something, but stay true to you, after all thats what makes us all unique! 

Lydia Elise Millen 

The main reason why I find Lydia inspiring is that her style is sophisticated and polished!
Lydia also recently got engaged to her boyfriend Ali at the end of last year and has a little fur ball Lumi who is so cute!
Personally I love how Lydia always has a perfect nude lip or nude nails 
(I still think she should have her own range!) 
It's also inspiring seeing her grow and develop but still staying humble!

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Instagram - lydiaemillen 

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By Claire Chanelle

Claire and I have something in common. . . we are both from Essex! 
Again it's always nice to be able to relate haha
I love that what you see is what you get with Claire and she is so down to earth and SO FUNNY! 
Her style on the other hand is faultless! 
She recently got her hands on her first Hermes bag (WOOP WOOP!) 
Claire has an hilarious husband called Paris and two puppies called Bambi and Tallulah who are so adorable!
Claire also has a Chanel handbag collection to die for! As you all know my goal is to eventually own my first classic flap Chanel hand bag in caviar leather with silver hard ware. 
Claire is one girl who really is inspiring and always look forward to her snapchats! #snapchatfam

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