January Favourites

It's that time of the month and the first of 2017 monthly favourites which has been such a cold month, so I'm going to jump straight in and kick things of with my favourite dressing gown ever from Marks and Spencer by Rosie Huntington for Autograph, 
I haven't taken this off since I bought it in the sale. 

I had my beady eyes on this in the sale it automatically sold out and was gutted, but casually walking through Marks and Spencer's on my lunch break and see the dressing gown hanging up in the distance, I'm going to be honest I did briskly walk towards it as it was the last one hanging up, I was not going to miss out! 
It's was in the perfect size as I like dressing gowns to be a bit baggy and comfy.
Everything from the oversized hood, big arms, to the length which falls below the knees and the softness is so dreamy! 
I love getting wrapped up and getting cosy on a cold morning or after long day at work! 

Next up is this hourglass ambient lighting palette, a purchase I had made a few months ago and using every so often, but recently I popped this into my handbag and its come in handy from the topping up my bronzer and blusher to powdering my T-Zone a perfect multi purpose palette.
It really gives a glow to my skin without making me look oily or greasy, this palette has been perfect for the dull winter months. 

This is where you know your an adult when you have a laundry basket as a monthly favourite, this one is from Wilkinsons, and got this for an amazing £12! 
Its the perfect white basket with a cotton lining, with perfect little bows on the opposite side, I was expecting to pay a lot more for a laundry basket so was over the moon when I found this little gem. 

When it comes to shoes I do love a ballerina pump, but as it's has been so cold in England I have been living in my classic nude suede boots from Dorothy Perkins (this season).
They have a rubber sole, a small heel to give a bit of height but perfect for comfort but still looks smart, these boots will also carry me through to spring with a little summer dress, bare legs and these boots. 
(I'm dreaming of spring, fake tan and sun). 

Finally is a lipstick you may notice from a previous post click here to find out for a more detailed post.
The reason why this is in my favourites because I can't believe the quality and packaging of a product that can be so affordable, so naturally it went straight in my favourites, to be honest it hasn't left my handbag, I just can't stop wearing it! 


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