Say No To Diets & Yes To Healthy Eating


It's amazing what a little time can do, If you put your mind to something you really can do anything, this post isn't about how to diet but simply eat healthy, I hate the word diet I think it comes with such a bad stigma. 
I personally have no education or training in the body, nutrition or muscles but what I do know is common sense of eating healthy and just be eating fresh fruit and vegetables it's amazing what it can do to your body. 

The above pictures have been taken over a course of 2/3 years at my biggest I was a size 18/22 and now I'm happy to say I'm a 12/14, believe it or not I haven't gone to the gym once! 
My biggest secret . . . I steamed everything! 
I ate fruit, veg and even chocolate on the way to losing weight, I didn't want to cut chocolate or treats out completely because I have a sickly sweet tooth, so if I wanted something naughty I would have but I would have to be good the rest of the week! 

Another trick is water drink lots of water, I used to drink a lot of dilute drinks and sugary orange juices, again have them just remember it's about balance. 
Since drinking water I have noticed a lot of change in my skin, it's less congested and spotty, more glowing and clear, I try to aim for at least 1 litre a day sometimes more, adapt to what you feel more comfortable with.

Don't ever doubt yourself or put yourself down, never lose weight to make someone like you or to be apart of a certain group of friends, do it for YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH!!!!!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this granola is perfect for the spring/summer months it's not to heavy but it allows you to get some fruit in your meal first thing. 
You can put any type of fruit in the mix as long you enjoy!

Blueberries are packed full of goodness and a easy snack for on the go.

An alternative breakfast is smoke salmon and scrambled eggs, this particular breakfast is more of a weekend when I have a little more time. 
I use just 2 eggs no milk or water, fresh cold smoke salmon and lots of black pepper to season and lemon to bring out the flavour in the salmon. 

If you are not a big breakfast fan just have a little something, If I personally don't eat breakfast I don't  function.

This particular meal of steamed salmon fillet with crack black pepper, a leafy green salad with fresh peppers, cucumber and tomato. 
As a dressing I drizzle extra virgin olive oil a squeeze of lemon juice and more black pepper I love it.


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