Positive Vibes Only

Right. You have properly noticed what kind of day it is, Friday 13th! To some this may be a normal day, others an unlucky day and to the rest a very lucky day! So baring this in mind and the fact that we are in gloomy January, I thought I would write a post on how to keep positive, these quote aren't my own but quotes I have found inspiring and that have put a positive view on things.

Why dream big? why not? I'm a firm believer you can do anything when you put your mind to it!
I was told I would never be able to go to university, I'm proud to say I have a 2.1 degree in fashion! 

If you have something you would like to own, or reach a goal, plan for it, write it down, work out how you will reach your goal, or own that something special, how long it will take to get there, because if you want something that bad you will have it eventually. 

Now this is something I really believe in, manners, morals don't cost anything and there is no need to be rude, for me these things are so important and can carry you far in life. 

 "why blend in, when you can stand out", I have never been the type to not ask for help or advice, other people around you have a different views and experience on things and can help you look at things differently, there is never something wrong with being different, it makes you who you are, I have dysleixa and never once let it stop me from writing my blog, wasn't that what spell check was made for?

Never do anything for someone to receive anything back, otherwise you will be expecting the world to owe you something, for me if are doing something for someone do it with good intentions. 
To put a spin on things what you give out, always does come back to you. 
If you do good things, you end up getting good things back naturally.

Now where would I be without a quote from Coco Chanel herself, I'm obsessed I just love her story and journey she went on, not to mention the clothes, shoes, bags and make up. 
Just remember to always be yourself no matter what!

Remember to make the most of things and do what makes you happy, do silly things, take risks, learn, make mistakes. 
As one of my tutor's once told me at university 
"it's not always about the destination it's about that journey too!"


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