Lets Get Lippy With Kiko

I have never heard of the make up brand Kiko until recently, so I thought I would give it a try, now in my make up I have more lipsticks, lipgloss's and lip liners then I do socks, so whats a few more in my collection?

Kiko is an affordable high street make up brand, that has a variety of different products from eyes, face, lips, face, make up brushes and even skincare, but I started off with lips and this is how I got on.

 Lip gloss pencil in No.07

This pencil has a creamy texture and glides on like butter, it even has anti ageing vitamin E which is an added bonus, it has a good level pigment to it but with a beautiful sheen. 
Now I got this for £2.70 in the sale, I couldn't believe the price but I defiantly say its value for money! I would like to buy other colours too!

Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick in No.101

First of all I just have to mention the packaging! You press down on the two K's at the top and the lipstick pops out at the bottom, once you have finished it clicks back in, it gives the product a sleek, classy and high end feel to it. 
The texture is creamy like it says on the box and has a lot more pigment to it then the pencil lipgloss and less sheen but still a subtle glaze to it. 
The actual colour looks darker when switched but is lighter on the actual lips a try classic nude in my opinion.
The price is £10.90 full price, I am more than happy to pay that for a product that looks high end and feels amazing on the lips.

3D Hydra Lipgloss in No.06

Last but not least is the lipgloss again the packaging is sleek, looks expensive and modern, all things I personally love, but doesn't come with an expensive price tag, in fact its only £7.90 which is a bargain. 
This particular lipgloss comes in 30 different colours, the texture looks like it will be thick and tacky but its smooth, really soft on the lips and has a subtle pearl twinkle to it, my lips don't feel dry and wears really well.

overall these lip products are perfect if you are trying make up for the first time and don't want the high price tag with make up or want to step out of your comfort zone. 
All products I have mentioned come in a variety of colours as do other products in store, I am now eager to try out and see how they all differ, having a good experience with my new lip products, I would highly recommend to all ages and skin tones, I feel that I really have got value for money.


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