Caroline Hirons and Pixi Double Cleanser

The minute I found out Caroline Hirons would be collaborating with Pixi, I thought to myself it's a match made in heaven and just had to get my hands on it! 
Caroline is a lady who changed my outlook on looking after and investing in my skin, she is a lady that gets straight to the point go and check her website out

This cleanser is 2 for the price of 1, an evening cleanser, on one side an oil cleanser which is designed to break down make up and any sunscreen, with this it contains vitamin E, Camellia oil, evening primrose oil, all things your skin will love!
 On the other side a cream cleanser, which has vitamin C, Peptide complex (perfect to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay) and Arginine which helps cell renewal and elasticity. 
This products doesn't have any nasty things in it, simple yet effective ingredients, something that is hard to find in products these days.

Overall I love this product, kind of knew I would because anything with Carolines name on it is good enough for me! 
I love the fact of double cleansing it makes my skin feel clean, soft, nourished and really does take all make up off my face, allowing my skin to get the full benefits of the ingredients. 
As for the price its £24 for 100ml for 2 cleansers which is amazing value for money, I only needed a small amount of both cleansers a little does go a long way. 
There is no fragrance to this product neither which is a plus for people with particular noses, personally I would prefer a soft scent as an evening cleanser anything with calming effects, to help wind down before bed.
I would recommend this product for all ages and all skin types! 
Grab yours from the Pixi website here
or at any Marks and Spencer's stores! 


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