My Favourite Products of 2016

Picking out my favourite beauty products of 2016, has been pretty straight forward, these products have been my go to, if I'm being honest they are all new to me this year. 
I upped the anti in regards to investing in my skin and hair, I've found out that sometimes spending that little bit more goes along way and is totally worth it! 

The most dramatic change has been my hair this year, I finally went back blonde after being brunette for a year, to let my hair grow strong from it being so weak, after doing research and talking with my hairdresser I decided to invest in Kerastase, this is a brand I only wished I had invested in sooner, the hair mask really does leave your hair feeling silky soft and glossy, it also has a wide range to target all different hair types.

The other change has been my hairbrush and for as long as I can remember I had been using my Tangle Teezer, but The Wet Brush is really something else, soft handle grip but non slip, comes in a range of colours, ( I naturally went for the hot pink) when your hair is wet it doesn't pull, the bristles are soft and felixible, it's safe to say The Wet brush has kicked my sorry Tangle Teezer to the back of my draw.

Lets talk the biggest game changer for me, skincare. In the past year I have learnt to invest in my skin   the first game changer is the Pixi Glow tonic, an exfoliating toner that removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing new fresh skin, thats firmer and toned. 
This combined with the Estee Lauder Advance night repair serum, it's a match made in heaven for my skin. The serum tackles more of the anti ageing  side of things it makes my skin feel more radiant, healthier and hydrated but glowing while targeting those fine lines (trust me I do have them)! 
Last but not least is the most recent this month from my Marks and Spencer Advent calendar, Burts Bees lip balm, it has a peppermint smell to it, glides on like butter and really has helped my dry lips, I will be repurchasing.

Last but not least is make up, I saved the best until last. The most treasured and beautiful, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, the bronzer isn't orange but some how makes me look like I just stepped off a plane from the Maldives, the formula itself is light and soft, as for the highlight I just glow, there are no big flecks of shimmer and looks so natural on the skin, the combination of both of these is perfect all year round, I started using this in April and have hit pan (sad times) but I will be repurchasing and is a firm staple in my make up collection, it will be a tough one to beat.

My foundation of the year goes to Dior forever, when ever I have been wearing this foundation I always get a compliment on my skin, it's more of a light to medium coverage which is build-able and isn't to thick which is a bonus as it looks natural on the skin and blends beautifully. 

Last but not least is Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream, now this is more for a no make up day, at home running errands or if I just want something light on my skin to let it breathe, it has benefits of anti-fatigue, anti-redness and anti dark spots, which all actually work, as well as keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. 


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