The Little Nude Lip

Now lets talk about this little classic nude lip, for me personally its a staple in my make up collection, if I'm in a rush or want to have a minimal make up look but still want to look put together, this is what I reach for.

Nude lipstick's can come in all different shades from browns, beiges and pinks it's just about finding the right nude lip for you, so here is a sneak peak of some of my nude lipsticks.

The first 2 nude lipsticks are from the well known brand Soap and Glory,  Sexy Mother Pucker lipsticks (amazing branding), the first one is love and o-beige and the other is Naked Talent, now these lipstick's are both new to my collection and I will be re purchasing, I'm obsessed with everything from the creamy texture, to the pigment and lets just say a BARGIN at £9 but you get a lot for your money which is an added bonus.

The next little nude lipsticks are by Mac called Hue and Creme cup, Hue in particular I have re purchased at last 10 times! This is what I would call my true go to nude and is perfect for everyday, Creme Cup is slightly more darker and is actually nice layered on top of Hue, don't be scared to experiment with different colours!

Now if your looking for a budget friendly nude I have got just the one, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, lets face it for someone that is so iconic clearly knows what she is talking about, this is more of a darker nude a good one for the Autumn and Winter months.

Now Dior, I've nearly finished this one and desperately need to buy a new one, this is very similar to the Mac Hue but different price point, Nude souffl√© is more creamer but not sticky on the lips, glides on like velvet, which is something I really love about this little nude lipstick. 

Lets talk Tom Ford Lips and Boys range its quite fun, so each lipstick is named after a boys name, the nude I have is called Flynn. 
 Tom Ford is personal my bit of luxury, don't get me wrong I love a bargain but I don't mind paying that bit more for quality, everything from the packaging to the colour, is luxurious, the colour of Flynn is more of a pinky nude (pink is my kind of nude) this is also the perfect size to pop in your clutch bag or handbag, I really want to try more Tom Ford make up and make up brushes, they look dreamy!  

Left to right Rimmel Lasting Finish, Dior Rouge, Tom Ford Lip and Boy. 

So these are my classic little nude lipsticks, what nude lipstick couldn't you live without?


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